Are you ready to spend next summer in a friendly atmosphere not only speaking and playing with your peers but also improving your English through different activities? If your answer is YES, join our language summer camp “SUNFLOWER”

     In our camp you will:

–         play interesting games and communicate with new friends;

–         solve crosswords, chain words and do quests;

–         work in groups to develop life skills and leadership qualities;

–         take part in sport competitions and think about your health;

–         learn and discover something new every day;

–         make new friends and have a fun.

Our camp is a unique opportunity to spend two weeks with a volunteer from any country of the world who helps you overcome language barrier, share his/her experience, tell about his/her culture and country.

We are sure each camper will enjoy and be happy every day in our camp!

                             We are waiting for you!

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